Resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles should not be one-size-fits-all documents. A “just like everyone else’s” template you found online or a resume that your family member did for you won’t make you stand out and get offered interviews. Each piece should be individualized; tailored to fit your career goal and tell your personal story.


  • Keywords, keywords, and more keywords. Applicant Tracking Software looks for them and doesn’t let you into the party unless they are there, in good context. Human eyes that scan your document will also want to be sure that you speak their language.
  • A compelling story about you – your Professional Summary. It’s who and what you are, what you excel at, what you’re known for, what you’re passionate about!
  • Your most relevant and strongest skills.
  • Your accomplishments…examples of what you’ve achieved that is noteworthy.
  • And your professional experiences; those things that you know how to do.


So now you have a great new resume! Do you know how to get it in the hands of someone who can hire you? I can work with you to develop a smart, proactive strategy to maximize your opportunities. (Hint: it involves more than looking at online job sites.)


Interviewing is like playing golf; the more lessons you take and the more you practice, the better you will do. I offer private sessions with no embarrassment and no judging – just us talking about strategies to ace the interviews. Always positive and encouraging.